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…Claim Stolen Ideas As Their Own

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I realize I’m stepping on some mighty big toes here — but intellectual property is a mighty big deal. You’ll be happy to know (I myself  heaved a lengthy sigh of relief) that the concept is not a new one. These days, so many catch phrases and buzz words litter our daily conversation that I am always feeling left behind, out of the loop. I mean, ‘snap chat’?!?!?! SEO?!?!?! (I have to look that one up every durn time I hear it!) When I was a girl, growing up in the dark ages of the second half of the twentieth century, Search Engine Optimization didn’t exist. But intellectual property did. By golly, QEI made provision for patents. After all, she did reign over the Early Modern period. And by the late nineteenth century, the actual term ‘intellectual property’ was coined. Thus concludes your history lesson (you’re welcome). Now let’s get on to the PSA portion of the program.

“Here’s the thing” (you’ll note I’ve quoted someone here — more on that in a moment).While I was lamenting the wallpaper situation, I took pictures (you’ve perhaps seen one hereposted a status update on Facebook, and suddenly, the inspiration for this blog struck me. ( maybe like a lightning bolt, only with less electrocution) And, because friends on Facebook must be notorious for their thievery (or I need to get a better batch of friends), I felt the urgent need to caution said friends against taking my self-proclaimed ‘stellar idea.’

Friends don’t let friends claim stolen ideas as their own! Sure we share child-rearing tips, we share vacations, we share baby-sitters, trucks, electric roasters, valuable coupons, recipes (well, not ALL of them, actually. No one is getting THE birthday cake recipe, my friends), clothes — but we have to draw the line somewhere!! I draw the line at clothes, by the way. I always thought the practice a bit weird. When girl friends in high school and college pilfered whatever they liked from closets not their own, I was at best uncomfortable, and mostly outraged. And not the faux kind, either. I always figured another girl would look WAY better in my dress than I did, and then she’d get all sorts of compliments on it, and I’d never be able to wear it again, because everyone would remember how great SHE looked in it, and they’d think I was just trying to BE her, and borrowing HER stuff instead of wearing my own! Whew… It feels good to finally get that off my chest…

So, when a great new recipe shows up on Pinterest — share away! And when a new dremel tool, mitre saw, or wheelbarrow shows up in your garage, tell you friends so they don’t buy a one too! But when a new little black dress, a great idea for a blog, or a revolutionary new downloadable app comes along, friends don’t let friends take those ideas (or the dress!) as their own. My dear friend Carol always says, “here’s the thing,” and follows up with a pithy bit worth listening to. That’s her phrase, and shame on me if I let myself take the credit for it. So, “here’s the thing” (my friend, Carol): Friends, don’t take your friends’ ideas and claim them as yours. Haven’t we learned our lessons from Zuckerburg, for cryin’ out loud??!?!

Wait a minute…


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  1. YOU CRACK ME UP! Oh, wait, did I steal that from someone?
    Anyway, I took my meds today, how about everyone else? I just finished laughing out loud [notice I did not use the much overused acronym] I then came across THIS. And I had to get up [thank you for the exercise] and go get a tissue [notice I did not inappropriately use the brand name so often stolen by others to indicate a piece of soft paper product you blow your snot in to].
    I love the dress story.
    I intellectually want to steal from you all the time. Now I am afraid my quirks aren’t really mine but a mutation of another’s?

    Note: until May 15, 2013 I had NO CLUE what doi meant. I have come so far.
    You too? I thought I was the only one…


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