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Monthly Archives: November 2013

…Do DIY Alone

We have a wedding soon. And by soon I do mean next week. Of course, the final two weeks before a wedding are the perfect time to accomplish all those DIY projects that could have been done earlier in the calendar year. But we wait, and let other things, like watching 4.5 seasons of “Breaking Bad” on Netflix rule our lives. Then one day we wake up and realize, holy hell! — the wedding! People are coming! They’ll need a place to sleep!! The floors! The wallpaper! The stuff!!!!!  And so, it goes. A mad flurry of ‘getting the house ready’ means husbands and wives get to practice their ‘can’t we just get along?’ skills. News flash. They can’t. Tempers flare. Each accuses the other of ‘not doing it right’ — and the ‘it’ is widely variable, ranging from taping the woodwork to running the paint roller, to hanging a picture, or even putting fresh sheets on a bed — nobody does anything right during the crunch. At least, that’s the story in this household. Maybe yours is different? Suuuurrre it is…

And when the crunch is nearly unbearable, who do you call? The lifelong friends who can’t say ‘no’ when the SOS goes out. The lifelong friends who send out their own SOS occasionally, and you go running. Because friends don’t let friends really do a ‘do-it-yourself’ by yourself. EVER. Nope. They work the problem, people. They stalk, they measure, they sweat, they laugh, they keep the nervous nelly wife out of the way and do what they do. Friends. They never let you do DIY alone.

And aren’t you glad? I sure am…

DIY with Friends

DIY with Friends