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…Think They’re Unappreciated

Confession: I’ve been guilty on more than one occasion of doing the unthinkable. No, not that unthinkable. The other one. Yes, Virginia, I’m talking about taking my friends for granted. (Confession #2: I don’t know who the hell Virginia is, or why we keep saying ‘yes’ to her…)

Since I’m not actually friends w/ Virginia, I’m okay with relegating her to the rubbish heap where she can moulder in peace. But since I still manage to have a friend or two in reality, I think it’s wholly in my best interest to consider them once in awhile — you know, put them before myself, which may I add, is no small feat given my navel-gazing ways. Friends don’t let friends think they’re unappreciated if (and surely that’s a teensy-tinesy if) they want to keep them.

Trouble is, many of us are trying to occupy a bit of the virtual world these days too — you know, ‘social media.’ (Confession #3: I want you to experience the phrase ‘social media’ as if it were presented in a stage whisper — you know, treating it like a naughty word we aren’t sure we’re allowed to say in front of our mothers. Alas! I don’t know how to write it like that.) Between tweeting (rarely), status updating (guilty), trolling around Pinterest looking for great recipes, pictures of lighthouses, and bits of authorial genius (hey, I’m trying to be enriched and enlightened!), and, lest I forget, BLOGGING for pete’s sake (I mean, hello!?!?) I don’t have time for taking a shower, much less time for the two friends I have left in the world.

On the flip side, blog followers count as friends too, right? Okay, so blog followers land squarely in the virtual reality that social media has created. Let me translate: they’re not the same! After all, it’s not quite like I can ‘go to the restroom‘ with them, share a DIY project with them, or even, for that matter, go out for a cup of coffee and a good long heart-to-heart with them. But just because I don’t know many of you, I am ever so grateful that you’ve decided to stop by this blog site and read what you find here. Friends don’t let friends think they’re unappreciated. It simply isn’t done.

And, so, dear reader, I thank you. For stopping by, for hitting the like button, for following this blog. I appreciate the virtual effort. I really do. I’m thinking we could even be friends…

Friends Who Sass Together, Stay Together...

Friends Who Sass Together, Stay Together…



…Neglect Their Style (DP)

Here I go again, getting sucked into the vortex (no, not the POLAR one) of the Daily Post. This time, a day late. Surely the adage applies? (you know — ‘better late than never?’?!?!? ) On the slim chance that things late aren’t always ‘better,’ I would invoke the aid of the ‘writing gods,’ right about now if I believed in them. Wait. There WERE writing gods of a sort in the ancient world. Well. Goddesses. (Who’s surprised, really?) Ah, the Muses. Inspiring mere mortals to write, to dance, to sing. O, Thalia, be with me now! But I digress…

So. Style. The Daily Post wonders: ‘what’s your style?’ And then ticks off a few possibilities:

Fashion. My closet testifies to this: I love clothes, and mostly wear them well. Boring.

Hair. ‘Only my hairdresser knows for sure.’

Eating. REALLY? I’ll be honest, I don’t get this one. Pick up the proper eating utensil (sometimes fingers are permitted. Nay, encouraged.), put a proper amount of food on said utensil, open your mouth, insert food, close mouth, chew, enjoy. Well, that’s my style, anyway…

Communication. Aha!

Well, let’s see. Sass. Snark. Sap. That sums it up really. My communication style suffers from the following:

I have attitude. As one who writes a bit, attitude is a plus. It provides tone. (At no additional charge, I give you this additional PSA: EVERY bit of writing carries tone. Tone is implied. If not implied, it will be inferred. Guaranteed.)

I have a superiority complex. I’m smart, fairly well read, thoughtful. As one who communicates regularly (teacher, friend, mom, wife) I find it unconscionable that people oftentimes don’t appreciate my highly evolved and sometimes necessarily sarcastic wit. Can I help it?

I have an opinion on everything. EVERYthing.

But on the softer side,

I am a “major weeper.” (hope you watched that…)

The little clip from “The Holiday” highlights my own ‘styles’: good clothes, British accents (don’t have one, wish I did),  books, books, books, family, love… And weeping — over nearly everything, but certainly over good movies, great novels, over a beautiful landscape, a cozy fire…

And the next thing you know, I realize this about STYLE: Friends don’t let friends neglect their personal style. Here’s why: Sometimes, our styles need refining. Just this morning I shoveled out a bit of the excess from my closet. Just last week I spent some time in the hairdresser’s chair. But just this moment I realized (again!) that, while I’m smart enough to change my wardrobe and keep a standing appointment to get my hair done, I’m stupid enough to forget that sarcasm isn’t always in season, that sometime sincerity trumps sass, and every time, a bit of sap sweetens everything!

When you’re still trying to wear your mom jeans from the 1980s, when your roots need a touch-up, or when you try to eat corn-on-the-cob with a knife & fork, your friends will be there suggesting that your style needs an update. That’s what friends are for, after all. Friends don’t let friends neglect their style. Especially when it comes to communication. Turns out, too much snark will leave us without any friends at the Bar-B-Q. Next thing you know, you’re wearing mom jeans, your roots are hideous, and you’ve got corn kernels stuck in your teeth, Melpomene will be singing your sad, tragic song, inspiring some writer…

Don’t let it happen to you.

…Fall Into the Trap of the Daily Post: Roy G Biv

Here’s why…

I got in my car yesterday and the Indigo Girls were singing “Closer to Fine,” which is an okay tune, I guess, but the Rasputin stanza always feels a bit forced, and the next thing you know, I’m feeling blue about my inability to just enjoy a song and forget about the lyrics. Thinking a little Coldplay might be more to my liking (and because I have the technology), instead of listening to the radio I clicked over to my ipod and found myself listening to “Yellow.” Again – an okay tune, but how can the entire world be bathed in a primary color? I clearly needed a passenger along for the ride – someone to chat with – sort of a Violet to my Lucy, you know? Violet & Lucy



Alas. I was stuck making the drive alone. In need of some sort of distraction, I flipped over to talk radio. This is never a good idea. Too much Rush (could he be any higher on his own fumes?!) in the afternoon will make anyone see red. I started regretting my craving for oranges, but in the midst of winter, when not a speck of green covers my little plot of the earth and the sun won’t shine, a bit of citrus will brighten up the gloomiest of afternoons. Sort of like reading a good blog might do. Instead, dear reader (maybe a Jane Eyre-esque moment can save this thing?!) you’ve suffered through this little ditty, thereby falling into a similar DP trap. And so friends, my point is made: Friends don’t let friends fall into the trap of the Daily Post. They wave them off, saying ‘For the love of all that is good and holy,  come up with your own material!’

Here ends the tale of Roy G. Biv, who, for lack of creativity, succumbed to the Daily Post. Don’t let it happen to your friends.

…Succumb to Trendy Slang

In a grateful nod to theologian Jonathan Edwards, I borrow a stylistic phrasing particularly apropos as we begin a brand new year:

Resolved, to be fully cognizant of the power of words, and therefore,

Resolved, to never resort to using language unbecoming even to the 15 yr old girls who probably invented it.

Resolved, to be a friend who never, under any circumstances, forgets that friends don’t let friends immerse themselves in the enticing waters of cultural relevance, no matter what. Because, my friends, that is totes cray cray. Sure, you want your pals to find you simply adorbs, and of course, you ARE! And everyone needs the assurance that their wardrobe choices and daily antics are just too presh! For realz, I get it. And I simply say, WHATEVS! Friends don’t let friends succumb to trendy slang.