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…Succumb to Trendy Slang

In a grateful nod to theologian Jonathan Edwards, I borrow a stylistic phrasing particularly apropos as we begin a brand new year:

Resolved, to be fully cognizant of the power of words, and therefore,

Resolved, to never resort to using language unbecoming even to the 15 yr old girls who probably invented it.

Resolved, to be a friend who never, under any circumstances, forgets that friends don’t let friends immerse themselves in the enticing waters of cultural relevance, no matter what. Because, my friends, that is totes cray cray. Sure, you want your pals to find you simply adorbs, and of course, you ARE! And everyone needs the assurance that their wardrobe choices and daily antics are just too presh! For realz, I get it. And I simply say, WHATEVS! Friends don’t let friends succumb to trendy slang.



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Learner. Teacher. Reader. Writer. Contemplating 'life changes' -- one common chapter at a time.

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  1. This post, and your blog in general, is pure genius. Haha


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