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…Think They’re Unappreciated

Confession: I’ve been guilty on more than one occasion of doing the unthinkable. No, not that unthinkable. The other one. Yes, Virginia, I’m talking about taking my friends for granted. (Confession #2: I don’t know who the hell Virginia is, or why we keep saying ‘yes’ to her…)

Since I’m not actually friends w/ Virginia, I’m okay with relegating her to the rubbish heap where she can moulder in peace. But since I still manage to have a friend or two in reality, I think it’s wholly in my best interest to consider them once in awhile — you know, put them before myself, which may I add, is no small feat given my navel-gazing ways. Friends don’t let friends think they’re unappreciated if (and surely that’s a teensy-tinesy if) they want to keep them.

Trouble is, many of us are trying to occupy a bit of the virtual world these days too — you know, ‘social media.’ (Confession #3: I want you to experience the phrase ‘social media’ as if it were presented in a stage whisper — you know, treating it like a naughty word we aren’t sure we’re allowed to say in front of our mothers. Alas! I don’t know how to write it like that.) Between tweeting (rarely), status updating (guilty), trolling around Pinterest looking for great recipes, pictures of lighthouses, and bits of authorial genius (hey, I’m trying to be enriched and enlightened!), and, lest I forget, BLOGGING for pete’s sake (I mean, hello!?!?) I don’t have time for taking a shower, much less time for the two friends I have left in the world.

On the flip side, blog followers count as friends too, right? Okay, so blog followers land squarely in the virtual reality that social media has created. Let me translate: they’re not the same! After all, it’s not quite like I can ‘go to the restroom‘ with them, share a DIY project with them, or even, for that matter, go out for a cup of coffee and a good long heart-to-heart with them. But just because I don’t know many of you, I am ever so grateful that you’ve decided to stop by this blog site and read what you find here. Friends don’t let friends think they’re unappreciated. It simply isn’t done.

And, so, dear reader, I thank you. For stopping by, for hitting the like button, for following this blog. I appreciate the virtual effort. I really do. I’m thinking we could even be friends…

Friends Who Sass Together, Stay Together...

Friends Who Sass Together, Stay Together…



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  1. I think the supportiveness and appreciation is the best part of blogging. People are so good about reading and engaging content on WordPress. It’s a wonderful community!

  2. and then you will have three.


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