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…Dance Alone

Dance is a ‘fine art.’ To be fair, it’s a MINOR fine art (relegated to such status along with drama, which breaks my heart a little bit), but a fine art, nonetheless. Alas. Elaine Benes never got the ‘fine art’ part of the dance memo. Remember?

Now admittedly, Elaine Benes neither majored nor minored in dance. Those “little kicks and the thumbs,” awkward at best and subjecting her to endless mockery at worst, prove my point. See, friends don’t let friends commit horses’assery on the dance floor (or really, any other floor for that matter). Nope. They don’t leave them out on the dance floor all alone, herking & jerking and flailing about like a “full-body dry heave set to music.” That’s not what friends do. Real friends — the ones who stick by you no matter what — get out there and dance with you.


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  1. I can’t dance either, and I love this episode 😉


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