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Friends. Who needs ’em?! You do. I do. Can’t think of anyone, really, who doesn’t. We need them to share laughter and tears; we need them as golfing and drinking partners; we need them when we move, when we get married, when we need a wheelbarrow, a little black dress or a weekend dogsitter; we need them for support, correction, encouragement and accountability. We need friends to tell us when broccoli is stuck in our teeth — okay, I’d take that even from a stranger, because the sight is simply too hideous to be tolerated. We need friends who will answer the question, “Do these pants make me butt look fat?” with the only possible right answer: “It’s not the pants! Your BUTT makes your butt look fat!!!”

Harsh? Maybe. But what are friends for?!

They’re for honesty. They’re for stopping us from being idiots.

Sometimes, friends deliver, straight to our listening ears, a needed Public Service Announcement, like this one:


When we need a bit of helpful advice, when we need to be talked down from the ledge, when we need to vent, rail, or howl at the moon, we call our friends. And they call us so we can return the favor. But for those times when we’re too stupid to know what’s good for us, then, my friends, we really need each other most desperately.

So, in honor of friends, and in the PSA spirit, this blog is dedicated to what friends don’t let friends do. Because let’s face it, we all need a little help from our friends…




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